Underwater Sunshine

Underwater Sunshine

A series of conversations between noted non-journalist Adam Duritz and his pal, author and music journalist James Campion, about life, music, and whatever comes into their large and incredibly handsome brains.

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    55 Double Nickels On The Shine

    We go deep on a few more artists playing the Underwater Sunshine Festival in April, this time shining the spotlight West Coast, then East Coast, and finally North to our friendly neighbors across the border. They’re coming from all over to play this one! Why? Because flights are cheap, because we’re all kinds of cool, and because - apparently - nobody thought to build a wall above Michigan.


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    Underwater Brooklyn and then some

    In which the boyz begin the march to the Underwater Sunshine Festival by playing some of their favorite new music, including a Brooklyn band, a Brooklyn boy, and a few once and future Outlaws.

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    The Gospels of Sam Cooke

    In which James has a song he wants to play and I reveal some of the effects of Christian religious fervor on Jewish kids from Berkeley.

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    Rod & Woody Pt 2 - Henry the Appendage

    In which the boys revisit 1971, a banner year for Rod & Woody. Not many people can make three albums in one year. Honestly, I have trouble keeping up with one album in three years.

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    A Rod, A Woody, and 5 Faces

    It’s hard enough to make a great band. And it’s nearly impossible to make a great band which then makes a great record. So how the hell did Rod Stewart and Ron Wood manage to make TWO great bands together at the same time and THEN make nothing but KILLER albums with both of them.

    We take a look.

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    Awesome Fuck Yeah Whatever

    Well, my computer came back to life so we made salmon and ate it. Could this have any less to do with anything? Next week...revolutionary haddock!

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    Awesome Fuck Yeah Radio

    Well, my computer is sitting in a bin of rice cuz I spilled water on it at a gig yesterday trying to warm up and autograph CDs at the same time. THAT was not the best day of 2019 so far. That said...TODAY is an entirely different day and it brings with it the first Underwater Sunshine Podcast of the year! So THIS is going to be a truly GREAT day...albeit one without a computer (other than one that looks like it’s trying to commit suicide by stir fry).

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    Queens of the Aged Stoners

    In which the boyz take a deep and introspective look up their own butts, express themselves about some movies, and (eventually) even talk a little about music. I also personally manage - at one truly proud moment - to say “really good” about 4 times in one sentence. This is high-level stuff. Listen in awe and wonder.

    Seriously though, merry late December everyone. See you next year. Try to go six more days without posting some shit about how it’s such a long December this year.

    Go ahead. I dare you.

    1. Fucking. Dare. You.

    Hukka-luh Humma-luh Happy New Year.

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