Underwater Sunshine

Underwater Sunshine

A series of conversations between noted non-journalist Adam Duritz and his pal, author and music journalist James Campion, about life, music, and whatever comes into their large and incredibly handsome brains.

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    It’s Onliest Rock n Roll

    We stick with the Garden Sessions for one more week, this time featuring the incredible Twinspeak music of Ganessa & Tiffany James’ band Onliest, our interview with Roan Yellowthorn, and the wild visionary folk music of Teddy Thompson. You’re gonna flip. Dig it.

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    Skout’s Honor

    We stick with the Garden Sessions but this time we begin by announcing one of the bands we discovered playing their Garden Session who are going to be playing the next Underwater Sunshine Fest in November...SKOUT! Plus we play the Garden Session and our interview with Fort Frances and finish up with some Amy Vachal and a little Matt Sucich. Dig the good word!

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    Garden Party

    We go back to the Garden Sessions and visit with the bands Fairhazel (from London by way of Boston), Wild Pink (straight outta Brooklyn!), and finish with our pal Taylor Carson (all the way from Portland, Oregon, which - oddly enough because it’s landlocked - does actually have a port).

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    Rock & Roll Stew

    It begins with a breathtaking version of “Bleed” and goes from there. In order to get in the mood for the release of more Garden Sessions, the Sunshine Boys finally release the long awaited Sesh and interview with Stew & The Negro Problem, pretty much Adam’s favorite band in existence. We talk some shit, they play some magic, and on top of that you get a little of the end of their Bowery Electric set and THEN...we rock a little Kasey Anderson for good measure. It don’t get any better than this. Get sum.

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    Underwater Sunshine Dose

    It’s time. One last look at a few artists playing the Fest and then...here comes the Sun! This week we check out Fairhazel , Amy Vachal, Eric Hutchinson, Wild Pink, and...Cyndi Lauper.

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    The Underwater Get Down

    In the next-to-Final week leading up to the Underwater Sunshine Festival April 5-6 at The Bowery Electric, the Sunshine Boyz take a look at the musical stylings of Ryan Hamilton, Hollis Brown, and Fort Gorgeous and then prepare to dive into the miasma of joy and electricity and alcohol that is UNDERWATER SUNSHINE!! Come join us in the sun!!!

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    Petal In The Canyonlands

    In which the Underwater Sunshine Festival draws another week nearer and we dig into four more incredible bands traveling here to play from places like Pennsylvania and Ohio, from as close as Brooklyn here in NYC and as far away as Pullman in western Washington state, AKA the town that gave us Klay.

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    55 Double Nickels On The Shine

    We go deep on a few more artists playing the Underwater Sunshine Festival in April, this time shining the spotlight West Coast, then East Coast, and finally North to our friendly neighbors across the border. They’re coming from all over to play this one! Why? Because flights are cheap, because we’re all kinds of cool, and because - apparently - nobody thought to build a wall above Michigan.


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    Underwater Brooklyn and then some

    In which the boyz begin the march to the Underwater Sunshine Festival by playing some of their favorite new music, including a Brooklyn band, a Brooklyn boy, and a few once and future Outlaws.

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