Underwater Sunshine

Underwater Sunshine

A series of conversations between noted non-journalist Adam Duritz and his pal, author and music journalist James Campion, about life, music, and whatever comes into their large and incredibly handsome brains.

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    An Aquarian Exposition Pt 2

    In which Day 2 at Woodstock begins more in fits and starts than anything else. The acoustic folk music of Day 1 was supposed to give way to the electric rock and roll of Day 2 but instead, the biggest rock concert ever got stuck in, of all things, traffic. Dig.

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    An Aquarian Exposition Pt 1

    If you ever do something really cool and all your friends come over along with all their friends and a few hundred thousand friends of friends of friends so it’s basically the most people ever in one place and some bands play and everybody gets really fucking high and has a good time (except for a guy who gets run over by a tractor and someone who doesn’t take their insulin) and then fifty years pass without anything like that really ever happening again...we’ll probably decide to do some podcasts about that shit too. Day 1. Woodstock. Dig it.

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    The Great Glaspy

    If Scott Fitzgerald had heard Emotions And Math, his book might’ve had an entirely different heroine. We have...so we do. Margaret Glaspy is simply fucking amazing and we spend a podcast talking about just that.

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    Awake In Zion

    In which the boys reflect upon the brilliant visionary music of both New Delhi/London-based Prateek Kuhad and Brooklyn’s own Wilder Maker as seen through their performances on the last and first days of April’s Garden Sessions. We listen and discuss.

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    The Bear Necessities

    In which the boys can’t seem to stop having fun with Garden Sessions so this week we delve into Eric Hutchinson and Bear Cub. You’re gonna dog this. Or dig this.

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    You Get What You Need

    In which the boys talk to the completely awesome Kiley Lotz, the brilliant singer/songwriter behind Petal, check out her Garden Sesh, and then have an epic chat with the legendary Cyndi Lauper and her bandmates-for-the-night Hollis Brown all about growing up in Queens and playing rock and roll.

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    Avant Gardeners

    James is out of town recording this week so we spend this podcast on Garden Sessions and interviews with Maria Taylor, Cameron McGill, and Ryan Hamilton. You’re not going to want to miss this one. We talk about stuff. PS. Thanks to Courtney Barnett for the title assist.

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    Superstar Trek III The Search For Spock

    In which we talk not a whit about Spock, Dr or Mr, and instead concentrate solely on Superstar’s brilliant 1988 release Palm Tree, which is either their masterpiece or…well, not, depending on whether you simply happen to think some other record is…or, I suppose, isn’t, as the case may be.

    How do you feel about run-on sentences? I love them sometimes…but…well, not all the time.

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    Jesus Christ……Superstar!

    We continue the epic tale of the Bellshill Glasgow kids we began in the "Teenage Superstars" episode by taking a deep dive into the music of one of my all-time faves: Joe McAlinden and his amazing band SUPERSTAR. This is music that’s completely out-of-print and unavailable. You can’t hear it on Spotify and it’s nearly impossible to find a copy of this album anywhere. There’s really only one place you can easily hear this music and that is RIGHT HERE.

    Underwater Sunshine presents….SUPERSTAR!

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    It’s Onliest Rock n Roll

    We stick with the Garden Sessions for one more week, this time featuring the incredible Twinspeak music of Ganessa & Tiffany James’ band Onliest, our interview with Roan Yellowthorn, and the wild visionary folk music of Teddy Thompson. You’re gonna flip. Dig it.

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